Friday, 17 April 2015

Suffolk 2015 Day 3

Today started of cloudy but not too cold. The cloud wouldn’t lift until mid-afternoon, but at least it was reasonably warm. The van driver for Tesco’s rang and needed a bit of convincing that he was heading in the right direction as our place is a little secluded! The weeks shopping eventually arrived and then my son and I took off on the bikes to Southwold.

We cycled across the marshes and saw the reed beds being cut. The water level this year is the lowest I've known but it was still muddy going in places. We take the rowing ferry across the river just for the fun of it and cycle into town. I stopped off to buy a couple of things at a very expensive green grocers and then headed for the pier. The sun was beginning to come out now and Southwold was rammed, well it was Bank Holiday Monday, what did I expect. Skye had a hot chocolate and I had a cup of tea and then we headed back Southwold Harbour . I stopped for a pint of something or other at the Harbour Inn and then we cycled over the bridge and towards Walberswick via St Andrews church.

Once home I stoked the the wood eating monster up. Fun when it is a novelty but I would want to do this every day. Soon the kitchen and dining area was as warm as toast and I set about making dinner.

I love watching the sky dim over the North Sea, the only lights visible from here are from Dunwich. Amazing to think that Dunwich once was the capital of East Anglia, the sprawling Anglo-Saxon metropolis is now nothing but rubble under the cold muddy North Sea. Storm surges have done for Dunwich as they will in the future do for the present coastline here.

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