Friday, 17 April 2015

Suffolk 2015 Day 1

Our annual trip to the Suffolk coast, Yippee! Being the start of the Easter weekend we had to take up enough food for the weekend, but this year, we were more organised and ordered a Tesco home delivery for Monday. So far so good. I put in a provisional order on Thursday with the plan to add to it on Friday evening. Then on Friday evening my PC threw a serious wobbly. Major failure requiring a new processor and motherboard. The Tesco account is tied into the email address only accessible on the PC! Better hope my provisional ordering was sufficient.

Saturday morning packing the car with the bikes on top. Better not forget the children! We left London at 2pm, up the M11, turn right at Stanstead and join the A12 at Colchester, go around Ipswich, then head North towards Yoxford. 

I love this part of the world. When you get off the A12 and drive down country lanes through pretty little villages with their tempting pubs and gorgeous flinty churches. This is the sixth year we have been here, and depending on when Easter falls and what the climate is doing, determines which spring flowers greet you. This year the daffodils and gorse is in full bloom. Last year it was hawthorn blossom and the first bluebells.

It took us three hours to get here, we unload the car and unpack as quickly as possible. Only then do we allow ourselves to relax. It starts to get chilly so I put half a major deciduous forest load of wood into the Rayburn, start preparing the chili and crack open a can of beer. Oh yes, on Holiday!

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